Founded in 2011, by Rabbi Nachum Kaplan, Executive director of the Chabad Chinuch Office, and Rabbi Tzvi Greenberg, Director, Chinuchworks Projects, is the fastest growing resource and networking website for Jewish educators today.

With the help of our generous donors, contributors, and dedicated staff, we have been able to present the largest organized catalog of Chumash teaching material ever compiled on the internet. Our objective is to create an online community of principals, teachers, and educators which allows them to share and discuss their work in a spontaneous, user friendly format. The cumulated teaching material shared by schools and individual teachers is processed and organized by our in-house staff as well as our advisory board, then made available to our users, via our ChinuchWorks library.

As our project grows we intend to open new resource categories including Halacha, Mishnayos, Gemmara, and many other Jewish subjects. We will also offer tools to assist teachers with their lesson plans, classroom management, and student profiles.

Most importantly, is a product of the hard work and creativity of hundreds of educators around the world. By contributing their invaluable experience and input to, they provide quality materials for the new generation of teachers which ultimately raises the standard of Chinuch for all of our children.